“Hi I am Anouk, 17 years old and live with my parents, brother and sisters in Almelo. Our family has a mutual interest: army vehicles from the 1940-1945. That’s where my interest in cars came from. I grew up with that and as a little child I went on the truck with my dad and that’s where my love for that beautiful big stuff came from! I’m in the final year of the VMBO at the Zone College. In the last year we were allowed to do an internship, 1 day a week. And I was allowed to do this at Dijkstra Plastics at the location in Almelo. Which I really loved. I used to go there every Friday with a lot of pleasure.

I ended up at Dijkstra Plastics because of my father. I really wanted to do something with logistics during my internship, and preferably at Dijkstra Plastics. For me as a girl, it’s nice to get into familiar territory within a man’s world.  My father, Martijn, works as a driver at Dijkstra Plastics. He arranged for me the mail address where I could apply and the rest I did it myself. I got a lot of experience during my internship and learned a lot. I worked in the warehouse and there’s a lot going on there. You start by first putting all the products, produced the night before, in the right places in the warehouse racks. But we also prepare the orders for the drivers, including what the drivers take for us from the other production location we place in the racks or we set up for another order. Emptying all waste bins in the warehouse and production is also part of it. I work with four men, but that’s not a problem for me. With them it is always fun during work and I have learned a lot from them. I am very happy and grateful with the opportunities I have been given.

I think it’s awesome to be a truck driver, but I also find it very interesting to know how the whole process works beforehand. I really like to see the logistical side of it. During my internship I learned to drive a reach truck and on the pump truck. And I learned how to place the pallets in the racks and how to prepare orders. Plus, I also loaded or unloaded a truck a few times. And I also enjoyed working with the men.

In August I start with the education transport and logistics and hope to be ready in about 2 years. The best outcome would be to still work at Dijkstra Plastics and start by driving buckets around in one of their beautiful truck throughout the Netherlands and beyond!

Finally, how nice it is to be able to drive a big car as a girl/woman in a men’s world and make customers happy with the product you are transporting. On the truck you have a lot of freedom and you have contact with your customers and with your colleagues.”


News 05-08-2021

In-Mould Labelling (IML)

Dijkstra Plastics is one of the largest producers of packaging containers and together with our label partners we can provide the vast majority of our range with In Mould Label printing.

News 29-07-2021

PCR: 100% Recycled Plastic

We are very aware of our great responsibility for production of plastic packaging products. That is why we take measures to keep the impact of our packaging on the living environment as responsible as possible.

News 22-07-2021

Injection moulding explained

With a range of 0.3 to 61 liter packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging in various forms such as round, rectangular and square. In addition to these standard solutions, we also offer tailor-made solutions.

Whitepaper 23-06-2021

Whitepaper: Traceability

In addition to the fact that traceability in the food industry is mandatory, it is also important in other production chains to follow where raw materials come from. This certainly also applies to our packaging containers.


Sustainable Alfix packaging

Since the year 2000, Alfix, producer of tile adhesives and more, has been proactively minimizing its impact on the environment for both production and their products. But the packaging in which the products are packed must also be sustainable, according to the company in Kolding.


New: More energy efficient injection moulding machine

Last week we welcomed our new BMB injection moulding machine to our machinery. After assembling and preparing in Italy, everything is now being prepared to reinforce and modernise our current machinery in Haaksbergen.

News 19-03-2021

BRC AA status again awarded to Dijkstra Plastics

Subsequent to our recent audit, which was carried out in line with the BRC Packaging Standard, we have once again been awarded the highest attainable AA status for both our locations, at Almelo and Haaksbergen. We’re extremely proud to announce this news, and are very much looking forward to when circumstances in relation to the coronavirus once again permit us to welcome visitors to our wonderful factories.

Events 03-03-2021

Day 5: The future of packaging

We all know a dramatic shift must take place in the world due to the climate issue. In 30 years’ time we will no longer be using crude oil as the basis for plastic packaging. Remy is telling us more about the future of packaging industries.

Events 02-03-2021

Day 4: Endless possibilities In Mould Labelling Technology

Today Joram is telling us more about In-Mould Labeling Technology (IML). What does IML stand for, how is it made and what are the solutions within IML?

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