The Packaging Innovations is the platform for new insights and innovations when it comes to primary packaging. Everything regarding packaging and its design are showcased at this fair. Solutions towards existing and future issues are being shown and discussed. We, from Dijkstra Plastics ,want to think with you towards solutions for your (possible) issues.

Projects as Frylite, where containers are being reused as well as the PCR packaging containers from Wijhe Verf (both IMDA Award 2021 winning projects) are key in the sustainability values of Dijkstra Plastics. Besides those projects Dijkstra Plastics also participated in several tests towards recyclability within the food industry. Everything to make steps towards sustainability within the packaging industry, as we have been doing for years.

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News 18-10-2021

From petroleum to rapeseed oil

We are proud of our recent acquisition of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, or ISCC Plus certification. Thanks to this certification, we have taken another step in our development in the area of sustainable plastic packaging solutions. This gives us the opportunity to use biological (bio-based) material as a raw material for our packaging tubs.

Events 14-10-2021

Packaging Innovations 2021

The Packaging Innovations will take place on the 17th and 18th of November in the Taets Art & Event Park, Amsterdam. After missing out on meeting with you, due to the corona pandemic we look forward meeting you at this fair! After participating at the Kunststoffenbeurs we gladly see you at our stand D117 at the Packaging Innovations.

Events 24-09-2021

Test Centre: Trailer

We will be uploading a new series of video’s. The first episode is about ready and will soon be available. Keep an eye on our channel and socials!

Blog 22-09-2021

Powerhouse in packaging

Vitafy is a supplier of sports nutrition and is the company behind the know brand Bodylab Whey. Their range of packaging containers from Dijkstra Plastics keeps growing.

News 05-08-2021

In-Mould Labelling (IML)

Dijkstra Plastics is one of the largest producers of packaging containers and together with our label partners we can provide the vast majority of our range with In Mould Label printing.

News 29-07-2021

PCR: 100% Recycled Plastic

We are very aware of our great responsibility for production of plastic packaging products. That is why we take measures to keep the impact of our packaging on the living environment as responsible as possible.

News 22-07-2021

Injection moulding explained

With a range of 0.3 to 61 liter packaging, we offer a wide range of packaging in various forms such as round, rectangular and square. In addition to these standard solutions, we also offer tailor-made solutions.

Whitepaper 23-06-2021

Whitepaper: Traceability

In addition to the fact that traceability in the food industry is mandatory, it is also important in other production chains to follow where raw materials come from. This certainly also applies to our packaging containers.


Sustainable Alfix packaging

Since the year 2000, Alfix, producer of tile adhesives and more, has been proactively minimizing its impact on the environment for both production and their products. But the packaging in which the products are packed must also be sustainable, according to the company in Kolding.

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