The folding lid
The folding lid is suitable for a wide range of applications. For example, store ingredients or accessories so that they are in a sturdy and splash-proof container. Or use this packaging to store dogfood. There is definitely an application that is right for you! This type of lid can also be used for all our rectangular packaging with a capacity of 12 to 33 litres.

The simple use of the folding mechanism allows this type of lid to be opened and re-closed frequently. As a result, this type packaging can be re-used many times.
Because both the bucket and lid are made of polypropylene, they can be completely recycled. In addition, it is possible to order this packaging in recycled plastic. This is certainly recommended if a non-food product is stored in this packaging.

This series of rectangular buckets is equipped with an almost flat bottom which makes these buckets very easy to clean. This makes the re-use of these buckets simple and clean. For the whole range of rectangular buckets, they can also be equipped with the durable IML printing technique. This makes this packaging personalized all-over and scratch-resistant.

Feel free to contact our sales team to discuss the possibilities or look at the current offer in smaller quantities in our webshop!

News 11-12-2020

Reusable packaging bucket with folding lid

With the launch of our new Christmas film "What a year', we would also like to put one of the packaging buckets from this film in the spotlight. The rectangular packaging bucket (model: 17 GL RH) can be seen several times. This bucket is of course available with a regular lid but can also be equipped with a so-called folding lid. This allows part of the lid to be folded open. Watch the Christmas movie here or read more about this packaging below.

News 05-11-2020

Second wave of corona

In the Netherlands, as well as elsewhere in Europe, the corona virus is again gaining more control over our way of live. At Dijkstra Plastics we are actively working on keeping our sites and personnel as safe as possible. This must ensure that the operational activities can continue. Steps are also being taken in our product range and we can offer more solutions for several applications.

News 16-10-2020

Facelift for our office in Almelo

In recent years, the HK Plastics logo was still on the facade in Almelo. In recent weeks, a lot of work has been done to give the Almelo office building a facelift, so that now, beautifully lit, the Dijkstra Plastics Logo can be proudly displayed in appropriate colors.


The beer brew bucket!

The 5 litre pail contains all ingredients and kit to brew 5 litres of beer. The pail is also used as a fermentation vessel in the brewing process. There is a bucket for every use!

Blog 28-05-2020

Day of the Intern: our awesome Anouk!

On Tuesday 26th of May we celebrate the Day of the intern and for that reason we like to put our interns in the spotlight. In this blog our awesome interns share what they do now and what they have planned for the future. Today Anouk will be telling her story about logistics and being one tough lady in a men's world.

Blog 26-05-2020

Day of the Intern: our awesome Job!

On Tuesday 26th of May we celebrate the Day of the intern and for that reason we like to put our interns in the spotlight. In this blog our awesome interns share what they do now and what they have planned for the future. Today Job will be telling his story for researching sustainable raw material for the future.

Blog 07-05-2020

New working force: BMB Injection-moulding machine

Last week a new BMB injection-moulding machine was delivered. After a long trip from Italy and a full disinfection process the machine is now installed in our plant.

News 08-04-2020

Solutions for today’s world

With the recent developments regarding the Corona virus, everyone is expected to take action. Washing hands, social distancing and a hygienic environment are key points for a healthy world.

In our product range we have the solutions that are requested for this.

News 18-03-2020

Measures around the COVID-19 virus

In recent weeks, the number of infections with the COVID-19 (Corona) virus has increased significantly throughout the world. Dijkstra Plastics has prepared itself to map and mitigate the consequences of an outbreak for our organization. Within the organization, a team has been set up to monitor developments on a daily basis and take relevant measures.

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