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Versele Laga is an international producer of quality food and care products for performance and pet animals. Core values: expertise, passion, responsibility and respect. These values are also reflected in the company’s product packaging. In this area, Versele Lage works together with MCC Verstraete and Dijkstra Plastics. What is the strength of this inspiring partnership? And what does the collaboration look like in practice?

Versele Laga was looking for a high quality feed drum in order to store bulk food products longer and better. It turned out that the three cooperating parties were up to the job, says Marcel Slinkman, Area Sales Manager at Dijkstra Plastics: “Due to technical developments in recent years, it is very much possible to provide large packaging with IML, or in-mould labelling.” Stijn Quintyn, Regional Sales Manager at MCC Verstraete, adds: “A large 60-litre feed drum brings additional technical challenges. Fortunately, Dijkstra Plastics has the expertise to meet those challenges.”


The challenge at Versele Laga was the size of the packaging. MCC Verstraete and Dijkstra Plastics have a lot of experience with smaller packaging up to about 30 litres, but a 60-litre feed container is a different story. The switch from screen and offset printing to IML created a challenge for large packaging with printing. Dijkstra Plastics started by purchasing a new machine and corresponding robotics to provide the packaging with IML. But then came the real challenge: finding the right material and determining the right settings. And then they also had to get all the variables to the high quality level that the three parties involved are accustomed to.

In cooperation with MCC Verstraete, Dijkstra Plastics got all variables under control and the production of the first 60-litre drums with IML could start.  Result: a beautiful feed drum that lasts a long time. With the added advantage that IML is more sustainable and less polluting. IML is aesthetically superior and offers the option of applying photo-realistic images on packaging, says Joram Knol, Graphic Designer & IML Specialist at Dijkstra Plastics: “It all looks a lot sharper. With this print, we also had to take into account the dark colour of the packaging. Fortunately, MCC Verstraete can print white four times, so the white really stands out. That was the key to the perfect result. Thanks to the efforts of all parties involved, this IML-printed feed drum has become a real eye-catcher. As partners, we opt to have a high standard of quality. In this experience, together we have found a way to get the desired result and create something very special.”

"We deliver quality pet food and we want to show that in our packaging. The cooperation with the parties involved is very smooth. And is there a problem? Then we'll find a solution together. That really gives peace of mind."

Tanja Bekaert,
Creative Project Coordinator at Versele-Laga

This bucket has helped Versele Laga:


61.0 ECB

Material PP
To shape Round
Warranty closure
IML Printing
Net content 62,5 liter
Height 567 mm
Size 463 mm
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