Fakuma - Dijkstra Plastics

The container
of the future

Four companies joined forces to make new steps towards a more sustainable packaging industry. BMB, Brink, Viappiani Printing and Dijkstra Plastics collaborated in this project with a bio-based container produced on a fully automated, electric injection moulding machine with IML label.

The specific container produced on this moulding machine is made from bio based polypropylene, a very sustainable raw material produced from bio-based sources. This material is developed and delivered by TotalEnergies. Based on the mass-balance approach, this type of product is allowed to bear the ISCC+ (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) title. Due to the use of this material, we avoid the use of fossil–based sources and reduce Green House Gasses emissions considerably. Reducing the carbon footprint of the packaging industry is a huge challenge. Plastics are found all over the world, and their durability is their strength as well as their major drawback. That is why optimizing processes in the plastic packaging industry, besides being a shared objective for the companies mentioned, is a goal that will benefit the entire planet. We’re committed to making a difference. Will you join us?

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